Creating a blog with Django

March 25, 2015 | Posted in blogging | Ajoy Oommen

I have been blogging with for a couple of years now. Recently I thought about creating and maintaining my own blog software. Python was my language of choice, so I considered CherryPy, Django and Flask but settled for Django because of its wonderful ORM and admin interface.

In this post I will discuss some features of this blog and possible enhancements. This code is available at my GitHub repository django_site.

Posts are organized under categories. Categories can be nested up to any level, but for now, I limit them to single level. Root categories are used to sort posts into logical topics. Posts are created under leaf categories.

A post can have multiple tags. The section on Related Posts uses these tags to determine possible relation between posts

Posts are written in Markdown. I have used Python-Markdown to render the markdown. I am also planning to add Pygments for syntax coloring.

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